A Cyrillic Movie 2, a.k.a. Eth's Rising is the second Cyrillic movie. it is the sequel of the first Cyrillic movie.

Synopsis Edit

After Cyrillic Omega's death, New baddies arrive and A and pals are in grave danger.

Story Edit

Act I Edit

After the big party, Hard Sign chats with Yat, one of the archaic Cyrillic Letters, who tells him he's happy to be in the "Giant Alphabet". Hard Sign Says that all they need is the Greek Alphabet. But he has no family. Yat confirms he has a wife called Semi-soft Sign and says that he is Hard Sign's father. Hard Sign notices and rams into the scene, transitioning to the next scene.

A and Yu come up. Yu telling that the Greek letters are coming. A prays to Yu about Alpha, his greek Father. Yu says that Alpha is dead, upsetting A. Coppa arrives and says to A that he always has him. Coppa does a few "Uy"s. A is frightened and drags Yu away. Coppa proves to them both what letter he is. but as soon as he starts saying his name, the next scene plays. F, Fita and Yi are sitting here, while Er arrives and Attacks Yi, Angrily asking when Rho is coming back. Yi questions if Rho is Er's ancestor, which Rho beats up Yi even more. Q then appears and then Q and Er beat eachover up. Cyrillic God Xi non-existently appears and says that the Greek Letters are coming. Then as expected, the 24 letters appear. They question where they are. The Cyrillic Xi answers that they are in The Big Alphabet. Phi asks where the Greek alphabet's children are, including an extreme brain damage. Gamma asks if the children are the Letters all piled up, Gamma then thinks it's them. All the Latin and Cyrillic letters cheer and reunite with each of their ancestors. While the reunions take place, Omega tells A that the Omega he took out is called Ogiga and is a decoy. After a few more reunions, Alpha, who is still alive, is at the back, upset that A is missing. after A and Alpha hear each over, A barges through everyone to reunite with Alpha. A asks Alpha where he's been for the last couple years. Alpha says he's been watching him, even when A pushed everyone to reunite with him. Yot arrives and yells out that A pushed him off. A says that he wasn't even there. Alpha is glad to see A again. Meanwhile in a distant view, a blue figure appears and isn't really happy with the reunitation. a voice of a somebody he calls "Thorn" agrees with him. The figure creates a plan to capture A so he can kill him. Thorn asks the figure if he can reveal himself. The figure responds NO, also saying that it's only until the near end of the film.

Act II Edit

More coming soon...

Trivia Edit

  • Yot yelling out "This A Pushed me off!" Is a throwback to Cyrillic Battle episode 1 where Yot yells out "THIS HARD SIGN THREW ME OFF!"
  • This is Eth and Thorn's first appearence.
  • This is the first media of Alphabet Adventures to feature Greek Letters.
  • This episode took place 1 minute after the previous movie.